Monday, October 02, 2006

Bleu Cheese Mushroom Turkey Burgers

Sometimes the most interesting meals are those thrown together at a moment's notice. No photo tonight, because I ate the evidence before I had any idea how yummy it would be.

Honestly, this probably isn't something I'd serve up to others, as it's "too casual" and there are lots that don't like bleu cheese. Who servers burger on toast?

Me, when I'm home alone, and no one's looking, whip this up:

Throw a turkey burger on the grill.

Saute a few mushrooms. I'm cooking for one, so I just sliced a few into a tiny sauce pan.

No buns for this sandwich: I'm hooked on Brownberry's German Dark Wheat bread. I toasted mine.

So, it's german bread, with a turkey burger, mushrooms, and a tablespoon or so of bleu cheese. Real bleu cheese.

I will revise this post, adding a photograph, when I fix this again. And I will fix it again. Seriously. I could charge $13 for this sandwich. And you'd buy it.

I'd like to know: What do YOU toss together, that people would pay for?